The RIAA: Still The Shameless Assholes You Know And Love

Sep 19th, 2007 // 4 Comments

RIAA.jpgNPR has a typically blood-boiling interview with Tanya Andersen, the woman who has become one of the big anti-RIAA heroes thanks to daring to actually take a legal pop at them after they hounded her family for supposed illegal downloading. Much of it will simply be stomach-churn recap for anyone who’s been following the case for the last few years, but there are helpful reminders throughout of why we should never let our vigilance against these fuckers slip for a moment. The EFF’s Fred Von Lohman on the RIAA being made to fork over the accumulated legal fees of a wrongly accused downloader: “One of their spokespersons once said, ‘Sometimes when you go fishing with a driftnet, you catch a few dolphins.’ And that, I think, really is their attitude about that.”

No Pause In Music Industry’s Tough Play [American Public Media via Listening Post]

  1. Moff

    But really, if dolphins are so smart, then why do they live in igloos?

  2. TheSkinny

    Hey, the link is broken at the end of the post, boss.

  3. Maura Johnston

    Thanks. It’s fixed!

  4. okiedoke

    They admit it! They’re bottom feeders. Drifting slowly, slowly in the wind.

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