Sep 19th, 2007 // 4 Comments

nugeeeey.jpgMetro Times critic recounts the inane letters he’s gotten since the paper ran his Nuge-trashing review of Love Grenade. This actually makes me a little jealous that, for all our Nugent-related LOLz of late, we haven’t managed to get a single angry e-mail. [Metro Times]


  1. Ned Raggett

    The Mitch Ryder ‘mowing’ story buried in that is kinda bizarre/hilarious.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    F U

  3. metalkate

    i always get a big kick when some reader wants to get all uptight about rock-journalistic integrity. teehee.

  4. okiedoke

    I’ve reluctantly allowed that cover to tweak my optic nerves each time you posted it. This is the first time the retinas recognized a guitar in the corner. Pretty nice axe. I’m sure she shoved it off the platter because she craves attention. Or something like that. Right, Ted? Is that your wife? Your daughter? She’d be warmer served on pasta. Have a heart, dickhead.

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