The Battle Of The Bike-Related Nerd-Rap Videos

Sep 28th, 2007 // 3 Comments


I was reminded of the Hollywood Holt clip (which I thought was just some viral gag) lurking in my MySpace comments section after checking this Cool Kids video popping up all over the place today, only to find out through some Google research they’re actually Chicago underground rap scene pals, with the Ned Nil Boys blog beating me to the connection before the real “Black Mags” clip even dropped. (No surprise to see mention of the Pack in that Fader link, either.) I’m grudgingly going with the Cool Kids video, because it’s a little more (i.e. an actual video/song) than a cute takeoff on a hot beat. But the Hollywood Holt scores its points for that red Misfits T-shirt, something else I need to buy along with my Ne-Yo hat this weekend.

Cool Kids – “Black Mags” [Nah Right]
Hollywood Holt – “Throw A Kit” [YouTube via my sister like four months ago now]
Chicago Blipster Rap [Ned Nil Boys]

  1. relaxing

    Then there’s that N*E*R*D video where they ride around on little bikes and try to look hard — so cute!

  2. Anonymous

    I really appreciate Niche posts like this

  3. sparkletone

    Hollywood Holt played at a dance party I went to a couple months ago. I’d never heard of him. He was all right (and played Throw A Kit).

    I dunno that I’d really call him a nerd rapper. Sure, he really likes his sweet moped, but that’s not really enough, y’know?

    This is a nerdy rapper.

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