KRS-One: “My Philosophy? Eat Fewer Cookies.”

Oct 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

krs.jpgThe rotund Blastmaster will slim down on the next season of Celebrity Fit Club, where he’ll be teaching the other cast members the history of Egyptology and the finer points of why the Juice Crew sucks between bouts of being shouted at for not being able to do enough situps. What is it with VH1′s ability to get the stars of late ’80s/early ’90s political hip-hop to shill for reality shows? I’m sure if Professor X wasn’t dead he’d be kicking game on I Love New York. Or maybe one of the Poor Righteous Teachers can guest on I Hate My 30s.

KRS-One Set To Appear On VH1′s Celebrity Fit Club [XXL]

  1. ass-hat

    middle age spread’s gonna get-cha?


  2. Al Shipley

    take the twinkie from your head and put a book in it!

  3. Jupiter8

    I think it’s great that VH1 is giving jobs to all the rappers MTV used to ignore.

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