Hey There, Poseur: The Cycle Sluts Return From Hell

Oct 26th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Perhaps realizing that the well of overhyped bands has finally run dry of legitimately interesting ones, the New York City blowout Motherfucker has decided to book a reunion show by the ’90s heavy metal girl group Cycle Sluts From Hell for its Halloween party, which is taking place next Wednesday. We don’t normally do show announcements around these parts, it’s true, but I think that the sentiment exemplified by their classic track “I Wish You Were A Beer” pretty much sums up my reaction to a good chunk of the Internet “dialogue” I’ve had the fortune of checking out over the past week. Bonus points if you can quote the Beavis & Butt-Head commentary on their video in the comments section.

Cycle Sluts From Hell – I Wish You Were A Beer [YouTube]
Cycle Sluts From Hell playing Motherf*cker… [Brooklyn Vegan]

  1. hotshot

    You sure do lurve the chick rock don’t ya, Maura?

  2. Maura Johnston

    @hotshot: Dude, this song would be legitimately awesome if it was sung by a guy. C’mon!

  3. hotshot

    @maura: Hey, it’s not un-awesome. Nor are any of the other all-female acts you shout-out. Actually, some of them are awesome. Just pointing out the trend, that’s all.

  4. Anonymous

    90s? Make that 80′s..

  5. Maura Johnston

    @wwwhatsup: Actually their self-titled album came out in 1991.


  6. jfury

    @hotshot: This ain’t “chick rock,” nor is Maura’s post indicative of any “trend” other than the fact that she has good taste.

  7. Mike Barthel

    Oh man, I haven’t thought about this song in a long time. Thank you!

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