Most Boring Member Of The Police To Finally Tell His Side Of The Story

Oct 31st, 2007 // 7 Comments

policeregatta.jpgWhen it comes to Police-related documentaries, you’d think Hollywood types would bank on folks wanting to hear about Sting’s endless love or listen to Stewart Copeland bitch for two hours. But wild and crazy Andy Summers will be the first Policeman to bring his story to multiplexes, and what strange and sexy tales can fans expect amongst the “25,000 photos from his collection”?

The film will trace Summers’ life from his youth in post-World War II England to his time playing with the Animals and 1960s psychedelic bands to the Police’s formation and current reunion.

It will be similar in style to the Robert Evans documentary “The Kid Stays in the Picture,” which used animated sequences to recount the life of the Hollywood producer. That film was directed by Brett Morgen, who is also on board the Summers film as a producer.

Well, uh, maybe it will feature some trippy animations of him and Robert Fripp licking toads while making I Advance Masked. (Except of course Robert Fripp never took drugs. Damn it.) But even if there aren’t any weird perversions or hidden bodies that Summers has been keeping under wraps for the last two decades, the multi-angle footage from the Police reunion tour will probably put enough asses in the seats to make the thing profitable as we wait for the inevitable Sting sex tape to leak.

Police Guitarist Brings Memoir To Big Screen [Retuers]

  1. janine

    This could be cool in a “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are guitarists for the Police” kind of way.

  2. Anonymous

    I watched the Stewart Copeland documentary “Inside Out” last night on cable. I was amazed how with such limited technology Stewart was able to make Sting look like someone kind of cool and maybe fun to hang out with. He truly is a genius filmmaker.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Projected gross: $100.

    No, I didn’t leave out any zeroes.

    (I mean, I love Andy and all, but c’mon.)

  4. Mick Kraut

    +1 for the Fripp reference…I was smugly hoping to make it before I reached the end of your piece…well played Jess…

    Is it wrong that I have a copy of the video for that song (where Fripp recycles a riff from NEUROTICA on King Crimson’s BEAT)on a VHS tape?…thats part of a collection of King Crimson and Fripp/Frippertronics videos…

    On that tape is a BBC documentary on Fripp containing a spirited in studio jam between Summers and Fripp…and by spirited I mean largely pedestrian and vanilla…

  5. Anonymous

    Hey, I liked Andy’s book. Dude had a hell of a career.

    They won’t be able to get clearances to use Stewart and Sting’s names, so the movie will be like the “Judas Priest with replacement for Rob Halford” one.

    As for Fripp, the gig I would have liked to see was King Crimson’s mini-tour with Tool a few years back.

  6. Mick Kraut

    I didnt see KC on that tour, but having seen them in other settings I think they would be better digested when they have a defined set length to keep them focused…Having said that I am a fan moreso of their 1973-74 output than any other era…though I must say their 1996 THRAK tour as a “Double Trio” was astounding…

    /prog geek

  7. Anonymous

    @Mick Kraut: Lark’s Toungues in Aspic: Yum.

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