Idolator Observes Four Minutes Of Non-Silence For Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Nov 13th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Three years ago today was kind of a sad one, everybody.

Because that was the day that Russell Jones passed on thanks to congestive heart failure. Also thanks to ODB treating his body as he treated his friends, family, and spotty career: poorly. Owing to a rep that long outshined the music, ODB’s quite the complicated figure in hip-hop history, and his final years are one of the more depressing examples of how even a nine-deep clan sometimes can’t redirect a person down for destroying themselves. So we’ll just pay our respects to an artist who defined feeling conflicted about a life’s work by posting his greatest four minutes (not counting the 49 seconds above).

Old Dirty Bastard – Brooklyn Zoo


  1. MTS

    So does this mean I have to go down to the McDonald’s on Grays Ferry Ave and have a kiddie meal or something in memoriam?

  2. Silverfuture

    I wanna give a shout-out to the Submarines.

    RIP ODB.

  3. sparkletone

    Even more than Wu-Tang, ODB was truly for the children!

    My least favorite thing about Forever is the lack of ODB. I only forgive the last couple Wu-Tang records because ODB was too busy with legal trouble to record.

    I wouldn’t have wanted to hang out with the dude, but I have an irrational love for a lot of the music he was a part of.

  4. TheMojoPin

    As absurd as he was, people need to try really hard to ignore how fucking awesome those first two albums are.

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