Britney Spears’ New Video: Surprise, It’s Delayed

Nov 15th, 2007 // 4 Comments

76634657.jpgBritney Spears’ “Gimme More” is beginning its long swoon down the Hot 100, but it looks like Jive Records is still going to try and flog Blackout, with the Bloodshy and Avant-produced “Piece Of Me” set for the album’s second single. The media-backtalking song’s already getting airplay on New York’s top-40 stalwart Z100, and it debuted on the pop charts last week thanks to strong sales. But don’t look for a 30-second snippet of the song to show up on TRL anytime soon; the clip that was supposed to be shot Friday has been postponed.

The reason given for the abrupt change in plans? Brit’s reportedly failed drug test — which rumors on the internet have chalked up to everything from asthma medication to amphetamines — and her scheduled date in court this Friday, when the video — for her single “Piece of Me” — had been scheduled to be filmed.

Almost as if they had seen into the future, the video’s production team had been preparing for Brit’s absence from rehearsals, seeking out a body double to stand in for the troubled singer during rehearsals — and possibly during portions of the actual shoot itself. However, it appears that even these precautions weren’t enough to keep the video moving forward.

But a source inside Britney’s camp is telling OK! a different story about the cancellation. “The video’s producer was involved in an accident and is not able to film on Friday,” explains a friend of the singer. “They rescheduled it for next week. It’s strictly the production company’s fault and they are paying to compensate for lost time.”

An “accident,” eh? Well, I guess Jive has to do something with all that money they’d earmarked for Britney to travel between personal appearances.

OK! Exclusive: Brit Cancels Video Shoot [OK]
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  1. Aleb

    It was clear from the VMA’s appearance that this era would be sort of on autopilot, since she’s ‘not available’ for the reasons we all know. They need to make her shoot several videos to promote the singles, whatever it takes.

    That is, if they’re interested in promoting what critics have likely elected as her best album…

  2. janine

    Two words: animation and robots. They don’t even need her for the video.

  3. dollywould

    You know, if Sublime could put out videos with a dead lead singer, I don’t see why Jive can’t figure this out. At least knock her out and prop her up in some sort of Weekend at Bernie’s shit.

  4. BeRightBack

    “Almost as if they had seen into the future” seems less likely than “Almost as if they are sentient and literate,” I have to say. It would be foolhardy to expect Britney to show up at her own cremation at this point.

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