American Music Awards Afterparty Sounds Almost As Bad As The Show Itself


According to Page Six, not only was the afterparty for Sunday night’s American Music Awards in the parking lot of Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre, the door was being policed by someone who apparently hadn’t done their TRL homework. Or maybe she didn’t recognize Chris Brown out of Tron mode?

“The door was being run by a woman who was nuts – she didn’t know anyone and would literally ask people like Chris Brown, ‘What do you want?’ when they approached her and her many security guards. She wouldn’t let Chris’ friends in and refused entry to Fergie’s manager. There were also problems with, but the sad thing was that, when you finally made it past that door beast, there was no one in there – just Chris Daughtry. It was pathetic.”

No word on whether Daughtry was still toting around his awards after performing the show-closing number with them onstage, although if he was, that would probably explain his ability to get past the woman working the door. After all, what says “No, really, I belong!” more than a glass obelisk with a bunch of sweaty fingerprints on it?

‘PATHETIC’ LA MUSIC BASH [Page Six] [Photo: Getty]