Jon Bon Jovi’s “Project Runway” Appearance: So Much For That Country Crossover

Nov 21st, 2007 // 5 Comments

AP02060201214%282%29.jpgSales of his band’s “back to country” album have flagged, so Jon Bon Jovi is going back to what he was doing in between his duet with the Sugarland chick and the fourth time he recorded an unplugged version of “Wanted Dead Or Alive”: Fashion. Or something like it! The former Versace model is the “surprise” guest on tonight’s Project Runway, and he’ll be judging the contestants’ abilities to make him an outfit of some sort.

Details on what the challenge will exactly entail are, of course, being kept secret, but I personally am hoping that each designer is given the charge of replicating outfits from Bon Jovi’s body of music-video work. Just imagine the run on leather at Mood when the designers are given the task of replicating Jon’s jacket from the clip for “Runaway”!

Or the “fun” with bleach that any designers who are feuding with one another could have if they were forced to recreate his outfit from the “Bad Medicine” video. I can see the blinding now! Er, no pun intended.

But the challenge will probably wind up being something boring like “make him an outfit that makes country fans think that he’s really from the South, and not just some carpetbagger from New Jersey.”

Exclusive: Bon Jovi to Judge Schmattes with Heidi [Fashion Week Daily]
[Photo: AP]

  1. Anonymous

    Bon Jovi country?! As a Southerner the thought offends me, and Hank Williams is rolling in his grave. Short of putting him in a Nudie suit and a Stetson, no one can make Bon Jovi look even a little bit country (he’s barely a little bit rock and roll). Why can’t he be more like Springsteen and stick to the yankee big-haired demographic instead of pandering to the southern big-haired demographic?

  2. Jfrankparnell

    I’m no JBJ apologist, but you know that at any given moment below the Mason Dixon line, there’s hick Amway salesmen jamming out to “Wanted: Dead Or Alive” while tailgating before a Larry the Cable Guy concert.

    Cowboys. On steel horses they ride.

    And always will be.

  3. Anonymous

    @Jfrankparnell: Now, be nice… I’ve lived on both sides of the Mason Dixon line, and there are just as many white trash “Git Her Done”s being shouted in Michigan as there are anywhere else.

  4. Anonymous

    Bon Jovi? More like Sarah Jessica Parker. They are on the same level of attractiveness in my mind so there probably wouldn’t have been much of a difference either way.

  5. CarsmileSteve

    i’m going to be singing wanted: bastard well dead or alive all day now, aren’t i? thanks guys!

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