Debbie Gibson To Save Future Pop Starlets From A Fate Worse Than Britney

debbie-gibson.jpgAs Britney continues to stain her legacy and the heavy flow of faux-scandalized gossip items continues to numb us to the dangers of her now-monthly cycle of brief periods of sanity followed by self-destructive behavior, the old, non-crazy Britney, Debbie “Deborah” Gibson, has stepped in to make sure this kind of thing never happens again, with her own charm school/military academy for young pop hopefuls. Dare you sign up?

Currently, as a celebrity judge on Total Pop Star, the biggest online singing competition, and as Camp Electric Youth’s founder, Deborah Gibson is now fostering and mentoring so many young performers today.

Developing the next generation of young musical sensations, Deborah Gibson will spearhead Electric Youth in collaboration with prestigious acting coaches Howard Fine and Cynthia Bain. The camp experience includes many workshops with celebrity professionals and concludes with an industry showcase for talent executives. A scholarship audition is scheduled to be held in Hollywood on February 2nd. All performers, from age 7 to 17 who are available from July 7th to August 1st and are interested in honing their skills in singing, acting and dancing, may qualify for an all expense paid tuition to Camp Electric Youth. To audition for one of several scholarships available, attend the open call on February 2nd at Howard Fine Studio, 1445 N. Las Palmas Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028 from 9AM – 6PM. Those auditioning should be prepared to sing 16 bars of any song (please bring sheet music) and prepare a one minute monologue or just tell a funny story! Personality is as important as well as talent!

Aw, 7 to 17. No fair. Debbie also lays out her qualifications for molding the next generation, as if they weren’t readily apparent: “I was like the Miley Cyrus of my generation and I have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer today’s aspiring performers.” Ah, but as Maura wondered, was she ever shameless enough to wear her own T-shirt?

Camp Electric Youth [Official Site; HT: Mr. Wrong]

  • Maura Johnston

    No fragrance-marketing badge, no credibility.

  • Cam/ron

    Does the academy include drunkenly singing “I Wanna Destroy You!” with the Circle Jerks?

  • futurehorse

    I’m only there if Buddy will be teaching the art of the back-flip.

  • Jfrankparnell

    Why not? She did a great job with her son Zach Condon.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Ole DG trying to siphon money from Stage Parents’ pocketbooks is fine, though I clicked on the link at the bottom and was kind of horrified by the series of images. might want to put a disclaimer on that one…….

  • Jupiter8

    That’s right, at least Deborah Gibson never had to stoop to showing her privates. Oh, wait…

  • Camp Tiger Claw

    Or you can just cut to the chase at Camp Tiger Claw, where I’ll teach you the best mixers for grain alcohol and the proper length for an inconspicuous coke nail.

  • Moimeme

    She wore shoulder pads. That was pretty shameless.

  • narymary

    When I was in 8th grade my classmate wore Electric Youth perfume and it made me sneeze my brains out.