The Bamboo Stereo: For Those Nights When You Want To Get Really Close To Your Music

Jan 30th, 2008 // 5 Comments


No, that isn’t one of those snuggle pillows that the person up top is getting comfy with–it’s a detachable set of speakers for a still-in-concept-phase “bamboo-inspired” stereo, and designer Soohyuk Im is apparently planning on encasing it in enough pliable material so as to make it an object that one can hunker down in bed with, should one decide to drown their pre-sleep moments in music. Or really reconnect with their molding-for-seven-years copy of Cyborgasm, either way.

Concept Stereo Adds Cuddle-ability To The Mix [Gizmodo]

  1. Camp Tiger Claw

    Perfect for listening to your PJ Harvey records now that you have to sleep alone, you crazy bitch.

    God, I feel so much better now.

  2. Maura Johnston
  3. Camp Tiger Claw

    @Maura Johnston: Oh. Haha. That wasn’t at you, it’s a poorly syntaxed joke.

  4. goldsoundz

    @Camp Tiger Claw:

    Strangely enough, I’ve been falling asleep while my laptop is still in bed and playing White Chalk a bunch this week.

    It almost feels like PJ is spooning me.

  5. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Techno-lust…can I get it in green?

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