Madonna Plays Master And Servant With The Two Timbs


Sure, British tabloids exist to exaggerate, but even accounting for a purple-tipped editing pen being used to punch up these rumors straight from the London set of Madonna’s next video, we’re already a little wary about the premiere of the final product. But maybe you’ve long harbored secret fantasies about engaging in S&M with bodybuilding pop superproducers?

We can reveal that in the promo Madge plays – wait for it – a pimp who rescues the planet in an impressive 240 seconds.

And it gets better…

Justin Timberlake and US producer Timbaland play her bitches.

The video has been shot over three days in a top-secret location in West London, and included a gruelling all-night shoot yesterday. In the sexually charged video, Madge cracks the whip and gets her slaves, Justin and Timbaland, to do whatever she wants as she towers over their quivering bodies in killer heels.

Madonna “whipping” Timbaland. Well that certainly qualifies for the all-time Do Not Want list. Maybe this is karmic punishment for both JT and Tim helping to inflict the “Ayo Technology” video on the planet? But if so, why do we have to suffer too?

Queen Of Pop Madonna Cracks The Whip On Justin Timberlake And Timbaland [Mirror]