Vince Neil And Nikki Sixx Shooting Each Other Looks That Kill

Yesterday Robin Leach’s Las Vegas gossip blog reported that Motley Crue had signed a $100 million deal with Live Nation that would span three albums and three world tours. Leach claimed to have gotten the scoop from Vince Neil, who was throwing a birthday party at Koi in Las Vegas and who was all smiles, saying that Motley’s first world tour under the deal would kick off in July and that by the time the deal was up, the band would be celebrating its 37th anniversary. But then Nikki Sixx fired back via an e-mailed press release from his publicist, saying that Vince was, once again, just talking crazy talk!

For those of you who read Blabbermouth and saw the posting which claims Mötley Crüe has signed a deal with Live Nation, it is incorrect. Please read the official statement below.



Ah, all-caps. The last refuge of the peevish bass player who’s had it up to here with his lead singer’s antics. But if Vince wasn’t just having some sort of birthday-celebration-induced fever dream… could the 360 deal actually be for him solo, with Live Nation sharing in the profits from his alcohol-making endeavors? After all, Sammy Hagar is much richer from his tequila empire than he ever dreamed he’d be from singing “Poundcake” night after night.

NIKKI SIXX: ‘MÖTLEY CRÜE Has Not Signed Any Deals’ [Blabbermouth]

  • brasstax

    Two things don’t go together:

    $100 million and Vince Neil SOLO.

  • loudersoft


    “Vince Neil…you know he’s my best friend…”

  • Al Shipley

    Every few years, one of these guys thinks he doesn’t need the other ones to make serious money, and eventually comes to their senses: Vince circa the initial split, Tommy after the sex tape and Methods Of Mayhem, and Nikki now that he’s got a book on the NYT Best Seller list and a terrible song by his new band on the radio. Give him some time to enjoy the solo thing, Vince, then ask him again how he feels about that 9-figure payday.

  • Lax Danja House

    If you think Nikki Sixx typing in all-caps is serious, try reading Steve “Sex” Summers’ Myspace bulletins. It’s like being yelled at in a language you don’t understand in a place you never wanted to be in the first place.

  • D Day

    is that Mick Mars or John Lee Hooker in the picture?

  • encyclopediablack

    @D Day: It’s a negative of John Lee Hooker from his appearance in “The Blues Brothers.”

  • Chris Molanphy

    Not only does Vince spread scurrilous rumors, he apparently can’t do third-grade subtraction (or maybe it’s Robin Leach who can’t). If “37 years” were true, the Crüe would have formed in 1971, when Vince was 10.

    And just think…back then, Mick Mars would’ve been just 68. Heyoo!

  • Donna

    I gotta say that ALL of you people are really funny. Especially the one who said that Nikkis side thing with Sixx:A.M. is terrible. WHAT kind of music do you listen too????? I bet you are one of those dumba$$ little people who listen to DEATH METAL. The only reason someone sings DEATH METAL is because they couldn’t sing a note or even read one on paper. Its really a shame that you really don’t know what good music is.

    Nikki Sixx does NOT need Motley Crue. He will however ALWAYS be a part of the Crue but LIFE GOES ON. If it wasn’t for Nikki & Mick NO ONE would even know who Vince or Tommy were. It was Micks idea to use Vince and Nikki found Tommy. The only two people who knew each other before Motley was Tommy & Vince.

    I have listened to Motley since the beginning and I have to say that I don’t like every song they have cut BUT 95% is in my music library. As far as a lead singer goes. Vince Neal has never been my favorite singer so that should tell you taht it was all about the music. The Motley albums with John Corabi will always be the best (vocally) I have ever heard Motley do.

    I think people should only comment on stuff they are sure of AND I can tell you this. I AM SURE OF EVERYHTING I JUST WROTE…


  • righteousmaelstrom

    “Motley Crue is getting back together and I don’t know why!”

    That joke might be a little too obscure. Apologies.

  • encyclopediablack

    @righteousmaelstrom: HAHAHA!!! Nice one, word to Robin Leach

  • encyclopediablack

    @Donna1964: Someone’s got their Theatre Of Pain pelvis tattoo in a knot.

    I kid, I kid.

  • Whigged

    @Chris Molanphy: Or, um, maybe it’s you. Try reading the story again. Vince says that they will have been together 37 years “by the time the deal was up.”

    No thanks necessary. I’ll be here to calculate third grade arithmetic for you all night…or do basic translations.

  • AcidReign

        Donna is basically correct, I think. Certainly for me, that tone and rock-solid riffing by Mars was the reason I bought into Crue. Mick Mars didn’t measure up to the guitarists of the 1980s as a lead player, but for cranking out the power chords, he had few peers. Mars was older than the rest of the Crue. I think he was in his 40s back when Reagan was President!

        As to Nikki Sixx, I think he had a lot of the writing credits. But for the bass playing, who knows? I’d be interested in hearing him. I never did, up to the last Crue record I bought, “Dr. Feelgood.” As was typical of the 1980s, the bass was pretty much an afterthought in the mix. “Looks that Kill” is still something I like to blast a few riffs of, when I warm up the old tube amps in the basement…

  • Chris Molanphy

    @Whigged: Oops. Thank you.

    And by then, Mars will be…god, I can’t count that high…

  • Donna


    The only thing I am saying is that SOME of YOU PEOPLE ARE TAKING IT WAY TO PERSONAL…Is it really that important that you have to say who or whom isn’t the best one in the group. Does it really matter?????? If you think back on it…How successful has Vince been WITHOUT the Crue…I still stand by what I say. Let them do what they want and retract what they will…No matter what they do or what they say…Some jerk off is going to have a problem with it…

    I have listened too and bought what the guys have done outside of the Crue and I gotta tell ya..NIKKIs is THE ABSOLUTE BEST…and the singer James Michael…AWWWWW SON….YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC IF YOU DON’T HEAR THE SOUL AND PASSION IN THAT MANS VOICE…


  • Donna

    @AcidReign: Thanks…I thought I was the only one on here who understood what I was trying to say. You are correct about Nikkis playing back then and prolly still now…BUT he will also be the first to admit it…I think Mick is a great guitar player. I believe he could have been better. I believe they ALL could have been better but giving the time and franticness of the sound. You could not beat it.

  • Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @Donna1964: Wow.

  • Clevertrousers

    Ugh. Crue sucked in teh 80s and they still suck now. I remember stupid metalheads getting drunk and puking on each and listening to “Dr. Feelgood” at parties, while I was upstairs turning their girlfriends on to the Replacements and trying to get down their pants. This is pretty much what we all did until the Simpsons came along.

  • Donna

    @Clevertrousers: only someone who could only get drunk girls would even bother about posting a rediculous comment such as this. I hope you got your shots regulary..


  • Donna
  • Bob Loblaw

    @Donna1964: But what do you think about Vampire Weekend?

  • Whigged

    @Chris Molanphy: Dead? Oh wait – too late.

  • Donna

    @Bob Loblaw:Hello Bob..I have to say that I didn’t know who they were until I just looked them up on Amazon. I guess they are ok. Just not something I listen too on a regular basis…

    have a great day.

  • AcidReign

        I shut the Crue off after Dr. Feelgood. It’s a decent composition, but the production is too slick, and homogenized. Rock should be raw and IN YOUR FACE! I did enjoy Vince Neil’s 1993 solo effort, with Steve Stevens on guitar, and the Bissonette bros holding down the rhythm section. Stevens. Too cool! I wonder what he’s doing now?

        Besides which, my alcohol tolerance was up to spins-only level by the “Dr. Feelgood” days. I did my drunken puking to AC/DC: “Back in Black,” thank you!

        And, at parties in the mid-80s where I live, the rednekersons were usually cranking Nena’s “99 Luft-balloons.” Eeewww.

  • encyclopediablack

    @Donna1964: I was just amazed that some got that worked up about the Crue. It reminded me of that SNL skit where Will Ferrell plays a member of Parliament who’s trying to have a law passed that Oasis is the best band ever.
    Personally, I’m not a fan but I’m in the minority (nothing new there.)

  • Donna

    @encyclopediablack: I am not losing any sleep over the fact that some people doesn’t like the Crue. It just amazes me that SO many people get so bent out of shape because NIKKI is the only one who WILL put Vince in his place and call him out on his PUBLICITY stunts. Its all about exposer for some of the washed up rock stars. I really could care less about the 100 million $ deal and who is involved. I just think its pointless to point fingers to whos wrong or right.

    There may be a deal in the works and there may not BUT…if it is then it should be anounced as a group not just one memeber.

    I am sure however that it has all been misconstrude and eventually the real story will come out. I am simply just commented on the fact that everyone is singling Nikki out because he set the record straight.

    Compair what I say to whatever you like. I still stand by what I say and my feelings on the situation. The fact is that (SOME OF US) fail to understand that we DO NOT know everything..


  • Donna

    @AcidReign: Yep you are right about being in your face raw. As I have said I dig Motley. Are they my favorite band NO…But I would love to see them in concert. The greatest band going right now (I THINK) is Zakk Wyldes’BLACK LABEL SOCIETY’ & Nikki Sixxs ‘SIXX:A.M.’ Regardless of what you might think of the people involved with the project. You have NO emotionial feelings if you think what Nikki has done with this music is bad.

    Like you when I was throwing up and doing all the things my momma warned me about. I was doing it while listening to Metallica, Ozzy, Krokus,Cinderalla,Kiss and believe it or not…Journey..just to name a few…and the ’99 Luft Balloons’ we listened to so our parents wouldn’t freak out.

  • okiedoke

    Isn’t it Crüe?

  • Clevertrousers

    Donna1964 – operative word was “trying.” You think drunk metalhead chicks in suburban New Jersey wanted to make out to “Tim”? Sorry if I left off my irony tags.

  • kathotdog

    I would think that The Crue would demand at least $150 million so they could make a newer, better, faster animatronic Mick Mars.

  • cheesebubble

    i just hope Donna1964 posts another comment (yet) again

  • brasstax

    @encyclopediablack: Is that a real SNL sketch? I must have completely missed it.

  • Donna

    @AcidReign: I have to agree 100%.

    I think Nikki is a great song writer. You should definently check out his solo stuff. Nikki did a cd called ‘Diet for a New America’ the band name was “58″. He also did some stuff with ‘Brides of Destruction’ and now he has ‘Sixx:A.M.’ with DJ Ashba and James Michael..(YOU DEFINENTLY NEED TO CHECK THAT OUT)

    Have a great day.

  • AcidReign

        I’ve kind of lived off reissues, in these rock-deprived days. I kind of hope that I can rawk the things in my car, or charge up my headphones and embarrass my kids, but…

        Nikki Sixx wrote some great stuff with Motley Crue. I had no idea he had a solo career. Metallica had great grinding rhythm guitar, terrible thin squeaky leads. Cinderella was really good early, very reminiscent of non-impaired Aerosmith! I liked that Kiss pissed off our Republican deep South parents. But, I saw Gene Simons as another control-grubbing parent, even as a kid in the 1970s. Simmons and Kiss wanted your “power of attorney,” even back then. Control freak. If Simmons and Kiss were REALLY into the music, they’d have REALIZED how awesome they were in the “Lick it Up” days, and made more of an effort to accommodate Vinny Vincent.

        Believe it or not, I’ll concede Journey. At least before Steve Perry turned it into a squeal-fest of pop-schlock! I like Neal Schon’s playing ok. Nice Les Paul sound, and proficient. Well put-together. Most issues I have with hair-metal bands are over the singer. Why did David Coverdale and Don Dokken rule the voice spectrum?

        You don’t want me to answer that…

  • bnb614

    OMG! Donna D’erico reads and comments on Idolator!

  • Donna


    NO…I am not Donna D’erico…don’t be rediculous. If you can’t say anthing that has any point to the matter of the original post. Don’t say anything at all..

  • Anonymous

    Another band that needs to hang it up. Sad watching a bunch of heroin addicts all flabby in spandex twitching around the stage, trying to recapture the magic they never had.

  • emilia

    Come on , it’s awsome that they are back 2gether, right ?
    I love Mötely Crue, Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx are awsome,
    but it is not ”Mötely Crue” without Tommy Lee and Mick Mars !
    ohmy, i meen, come on , once a fan, allways a fan?
    Mötely Crue will never die , i promes.

  • Gena

    Sorry but you need to do your math, 37 years would be 1974.