Tuscadero Prepare For A Pillow Fight

Mar 27th, 2008 // 9 Comments

I’m not too familiar with early-’90s D.C. public access, so I don’t know much about Slumber Party, the show from which this footage of the spazzy indiepop outfit Tuscadero is taken. (It looks kind of like a lo-fidelity cross between Solid Gold and the scene in Grease where Rizzo sings about Sandy being too perfect, and it makes me so jealous, because the only public-access offerings that Long Island’s cable system ever let on the air involved either bilingual psychics or people who overused the chyron that was readily available to them.) But the four songs on offer here–including one of my favorite kiss-offs ever, “Dime A Dozen”–are all terrific bits of the band’s early catalog, and hearing them inspired me to pull out their debut album for the first time in years. [YouTube; HT Teen Beat newsletter]


  1. mike a

    Great Tuscadero footage, but there’s something vaguely creepy about the hosts. (Are they hosts? Or are they supposed to be fellow slumber partiers?)

    I do wonder if Slumber Party ever appeared on Slumber Party.

  2. thearcanemodel

    because your daddy must have married his first cousin…

    !!! i haven’t listened to “the pink album”* in forever either, but i seriously still get songs from it stuck in my head all the damn time because every single one is SO catchy. this will be fun to listen to at work – thanks!

    * (the teenbeat version, not the soul-zapping, overproduced major label remix that i bought out of loyalty back in the day. see also: ultimate fakebook.**)

    **(don’t hate. i am from kansas, and despite the crappy emo bands they somehow got lumped in with in terms of touring, etc., they were a great cheap-tricky pop band.)

  3. thearcanemodel

    @mike a: p.s. agreed. in particular, prof. longhair looks a little sex-offenderish.

  4. tankboy

    Thanks so much for posting this! I used to love Tuscadero. (Well, I guess I still do, huh?) I remember drawing them a cartoon when they came through Chicago and then found out years later it lived on the wall of their touring van for quite a while afterwards.

  5. bcapirigi

    the hollywood handsome footage is hilarious. i wish nancy drew was on there, though…

  6. Handsome Pete

    Shock. Teen Beat still exists.

    I wish they had a sale page.

    I can’t bring myself to spend $12.00 on Grenadine.

  7. Sam Adams

    For some reason I’ve always been especially curious what happened to them all. Anyone?

    Also, Maura, I applaud your use of the collective plural in the headline. Go British English!

  8. desafinado

    lead singer is quite the babe <3

  9. Anonymous

    Tuscadero…Tuscadero….Tuscadero….why does that sound so….YES!

    Pinky Tuscadero. The Fonz’s girlfriend before that bitch Leather showed up.

    YAAAAY! I’m a complete loser!

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