The Top Five Songs To Listen To When You’re Not Feeling All That Well

Apr 18th, 2008 // 10 Comments

getwell.JPGGentle readers, I am writing this from my couch, where I am as crouched in the fetal position as I can be (going all the way would, of course, render me completely unable to type). I am not operating at 100% right now, and what better way to exploit my lousy physical state for music-blogging gain than by writing a listicle (oh man, using that word just made me worse) about music one should listen to while under the weather? Specifically, when one is put under the weather by a foodstuff from one of New York City’s finer dining establishments? (I swear, if the matzoh ball soup I had for lunch yesterday is the culprit, I am going to cry.) Five songs that are making me feel just a little bit better after the jump.

5. Stereolab – Jenny Ondioline

The “ooohs” on the chorus are very soothing to any waves of nausea that might rise up.

4. Alan Parsons Project – Don’t Answer Me

I was sick a lot when I was younger, and hearing this song brings me back to those days when my mom would fold out the couch in the living room and let me watch MTV. I’m kind of surprised that comic-book nerds haven’t embraced this clip in a retro way yet, but I’m sure someone out there will school me as to why whatever artist drew these images is not worthy of a career reappraisal.

3. The Shivvers – Teen Line

On a similar note, doesn’t this sound like the theme song to a midday rerun in some alternate universe?

2. Daniel Powter – Bad Day

My defenses are so worn down that I’m ready to admit it: I love this song. That bridge! That anthemic chorus! Daniel’s hat is still terrible, though.

1. Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick

I never really need an excuse to listen to Mudhoney, but hey. (Although “Here Comes Sickness” is also appropriate.)

And finally, an honorable mention, if only because its video’s intro is further putting me off trying to keep any food down:


  1. Catbirdseat

    Don’t let having to say “listicle” get you down. Remember, it could have been worse, you could’ve had to say “Webinar.”

  2. NeverEnough

    When sick, chewing half a Vicodin helps… so I’ve heard. Feel better!

  3. essdog

    Whoa. “Fat” just made my day.

  4. MTS

    Dude, I thought you admitted to liking “Bad Day” right around the time Idolator launched?

  5. tankboy

    One million kudos for including “Teen Line.”

  6. Rob Murphy

    Too insidery?

  7. Tenno

    My sick songs are:

    The Knife ‘Heartbeats’
    Aphex Twin ’4′

  8. DaeSu

    Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died.” I don’t get sick often, but when I do I’m a miserable bastard!

  9. Anonymous

    Any time my head is throbbing, I pull out “Let It Come Down”, by Spiritualized, sans “On Fire”. It’s all slow building, sung in rounds, and doesn’t have any changes quick enough to make me nauseous. “()”, by Sigur Ros, also fits the bill, though it’s admittedly inferior.

  10. Anonymous

    Animation being what it is, with myriad hands doing myriad tasks, I can’t say for sure who actually drew the Parsons video art, but I do know that the character design was by one Michael William Kaluta, who’s been in the illustration biz for a long time and probably doesn’t need a career reevaluation anytime soon.

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