Pete Wentz Hacked By Nicest Nerd In The World

Apr 22nd, 2008 // Comment

AP080417025949.jpgNo, really. Instead of using a bug lurking in the content-management system of the bassist/entrepreneur’s newest blog to post e-graffiti like “LOL FOB SUX” or “Bittersweet World > Infinity On High,” some anonymous hacker merely used said glitch to let Pete and the world know that maybe it was time for a system upgrade. And s/he fiddled with the site’s RSS feed so that it actually works now, too! Whoever it is claims to be a member of the Scientology-baiting “void of human restraint, such as pity or mercy” Anonymous, which just goes to show you that Internet philanthropy can sometimes come from the weirdest places. [a boy's life / Photo: AP]


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