Coachella: Let The Sunscreen Application (And Sean Penn-Related Speculation) Begin!

Apr 22nd, 2008 // 7 Comments

spicoli.jpgThe 2008 festival glut begins this weekend in the California desert with this year’s edition of Coachella, and with a little more than 72 hours to go until the gates open, the festival’s organizers have released the weekend’s schedule. While I’ve been mostly focused on my relief over the fact that I’ll have something to do during Roger Waters’ two and a half hour festival-closing set (thank you, Black Mountain), an eagle-eyed tipster e-mailed to point out that Sean Penn was on Sunday’s bill not once, but twice, with a half-hour set in the early afternoon and a 15-minute set in the early evening. What could he be doing during his allotted time–celebrating the 26th anniversary of Fast Times At Ridgemont High? Introducing one of the artists he’d directed a music video for (maybe Jewel)? Thankfully, posters over at Coachella’s message board were on the case:

First, the doubters:

I doubt that a surprise band would pop in for a bangin’ 15 minute set. I’m guessing it really is Sean Penn and he wants to talk political shit.

People quickly rose up to remind people that in past years, Tenacious D and Beck have done exactly that at the festival.

into the wild. chris went to coachella. sean directed the film. i predict a bus + some musical surprise.

Which led to the only natural conclusion:

into the wild = eddie veddar. makes SO MUCH SENSE AGGGHH!!!!! that’d rock my world.

Ahh, I love the Internet, how a grain of truth can turn into a full-bloomed flower of all-caps excitement. Whether or not it’s actually true, of course, is up for debate, but I look forward to the next 23 pages of message-board speculation that will fill attendees’ working hours between now and the moment the gates open on Friday.

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  1. Clevertrousers

    OMG that fucking mudcrutch banner won’t close! ARRGGGHHHHH!

  2. loudersoft

    I hope he’s still in Harvey Milk mode (he just finished shooting a biopic about Milk in SF), Sean Penn taking the stage sporting a short fro and hot pants would probably spice things up a bit.

  3. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    I think “Sean Penn” is code for Madonna. They were married, right? Makes sense to me.

  4. Anonymous

    @How do I say this … THROWDINI!: makes SO MUCH SENSE AGGGHH!!!!!

  5. BigRicks

    Clearly it’s Pearl Jam, is it any coincedence that they are the featured article on wikipedia today? I think NOT.

  6. Butch Huskey

    or it could be the obvious .. Sean Penn and Phil Donahoe to promote Body Of War his documentary on Tomas Young [ [] ] whose soundtrack features Coachellans like Serj Tankian & Roger Waters

  7. annkpowers

    Shameless self-promotion which I promise to do hardly ever, but I really want people to read this one:

    I just published a piece on Tomas Young in the LA Times…he is an amazing man. You can read it at this URL.


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