Jason Castro Knows How To Play “Badfish,” Loves You

Apr 24th, 2008 // 5 Comments

I will be heartbroken when they make this guy leave American Idol. I don’t look forward to a time where that stage won’t feature his goofy, incessant grinning and guile-free bon mots. No one else would say they thought “my belle” was you know, “a bell,” or that they never knew “Memory” was sung by a cat. No one else would tip an imaginary hat and squat on stage for no reason whatsoever. Aside from that one Sting-related slip-up, he’s never pulled some respectability trip on his fanbase. He’s sitting on your bed, singing your favorite song, and he’s happy to do it. You want to hear Sublime, like the girl who posted this video of him on YouTube? He’ll drop “Badfish” on ya, grinning and strumming his hear out. Jason Castro loves you.

“I don’t know the chords, but I’m never gonna give up. You know why? You gotta want it.” You know who Jason Castro reminds me of more than anyone else?

I could totally see him embracing Xenu too.

Jason Castro on My Couch [YouTube via ONTD]
John Travolta – Let Her In [MySpace]

  1. Anonymous

    Okay, how about the mimed train whistle when Randy re-iterated “trainwreck” last night? I laughed.

  2. Anonymous

    You hit it right on head with the Travolta comparrison. His speaking voice especially.

  3. ObtuseIntolerant

    Awesome, I just got a contact high. Thank you!

  4. punkybunky

    @antistar2000: My mom’s been calling him Vinnie Barbarino for weeks. At first I didn’t see it, but now it’s dead-on.

    I don’t care if AI viewers complain about his singing, which I actually kinda like. Dude always makes me smile, even when I think he being a complete idiot. (Maybe especially when.)

  5. 92BuickLeSabre

    Oh no, the youtube video was pulled!

    But this remains brilliant for the Barbarino comparison. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

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