Roger Waters: Littering For Obama

Apr 28th, 2008 // 4 Comments

AP080427024825.jpg“Those who live near the Empire Polo Fields, where the Coachella Music and Arts Festival was held, woke up this morning to something that looked like snow, according to some residents. Thousands of small pro-Obama fliers littered the ground after they were dropped from a plane flying overhead last night during Roger Waters’ set around 11:25 p.m., residents said.” (Here is where I note that I’m posting this because when these fliers were being dropped–which was, I believe, about two hours earlier than this report says–I seriously thought that the plane doing the littering was either a) raining confetti on the crowd or b) engaging in anti-Floyd-fan chemical warfare.) [The Desert Sun via PopWatch / Photo: AP]

  1. Nicolars

    I thought Roger Waters would be a Ron Paul man, since only Ron Paul’s mangroupies end up being anywhere near as nutty and fanatical as old Rog’s.

  2. Whigged

    Is that the pig that’s missing? Holy shit. Imagine waking up and seeing that float down into your backyard the morning after a bender?

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Wow, thanks for nothing, Rog. Gee, it seems famous people from outside the U.S. are in favor of Barack Obama for president — who knew?!

    First the guy pollutes America with his overrated proggy musings, now he actually pollutes us.

  4. Homage

    @Chris Molanphy: Or, first he locks you in America and plays deeply unpleasant music in an attempt to break you, then he does a fucking leaflet drop telling you how to surrender. Clearly the man thinks you are a nation of potential insurgents/terrorists.

    I’m not sure what I like better: the idea that he just did it without realising how dumb it was, or the idea that he thought it through and mistook “incredibly vomitiously dumb” for “really has to happen”. It’s happened before, cf. Dark Side of the Moon.

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