Jessica Simpson Is Country Now, Y’all!

May 28th, 2008 // 9 Comments

AP080508046424.jpgJessica Simpson’s always been a bit of Daisy Duke (yes that is ZZ Top with her above), but it’s still a little surprising to hear her abandoning pop, twanging up her voice and surrounding it with steel guitars on her new single, “Come On Over” (gee, that title seems oddly familiar). The song is blandly competent, but I just can’t get over the opening line, “Leave your dishes in the sink/ leave your ice cubes in your drink/ just come on over. Leave my ice cubes in my drink? As opposed to where, my nipples?

Feeling betrayed, pop fans? Papa Joe attempts to explain Jessica’s restless muse.

“Everything in our business is about beats and I think she really wants to sing,” he said, “and country music still believes in that.”

Simpson, 27, recently finished filming Major Movie Star and is turning her thoughts back to her music. Her last album, 2006′s “Public Affair,” hit the Top 20, but quickly fell off the charts.

“She’s a singer from top to bottom,” Joe Simpson said. “And everything in the music business, especially pop music, has moved away from singers. And I think country is the the only pure, storytelling kind of genre left.”

So is An-Ya not a singer from top to bottom, Papa Joe? Or are you hustling her top and bottom to Nashville too?

Jessica Simpson Goes Country! [WQIK via Rolling Stone]


  1. Big Tuna

    Didn’t Christina Aguilera have a song with that title too?

  2. narymary

    If they took the “o” out I’d be more willing to believe it.

  3. GhostOfDuane

    I know I’m not the only one who takes the ice cubes out of my drinks before I leave and put them back in the tray, because otherwise my cat will knock said drink over onto my keyboard. I can only assume that Jessica’s man in the song (Romo?) also has a water obsessed cat and is concerned about finding a spill after he comes home from listening to Jessica sing, or whatever it is that she wants him to come on over for.

  4. Tauwan

    A few months ago, some friends and I wasted an entire afternoon imbibing drinks and getting lifted, perfect opportunity to sprawl out on the living room floor and watch music videos by those female pop chanteuses who gained a little traction and popularity during our junior high and high school days. It was funny seeing the early pop star incarnations of Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and the like. Especially the obvious ways in which their record companies were following the “Britney Spears How to be a Popstar” model. [Don't believe me, go watch Jessica's Irresistible or Xtina's What A Girl Wants Video]. Who knows? Maybe this country thing will work a little better than the pop music thing did for her.


    Speaking of country… Apparently, if you search hard enough on the web today, you’ll find a stream of Jewel’s new country tinged disc. Just saying. You can search and press play if you want to. The opportunity is there for you to grab.

  5. Chris N.

    The tag is queasily appropriate.

  6. Anonymous

    @ Tauwan: Did you do all that with the volume muted and your pants around your ankles?

  7. Anonymous

    @owenmeany: @Tauwan: BUSTED!

  8. Anonymous

    ‘”She’s a singer from top to bottom,” Joe Simpson said.’

    Discuss amongst yourselves…..

  9. Tauwan

    @HONEYBFLY: @owenmeany:

    What? A bunch of dudes can’t sit around, enjoy some drinks and the like, chill, and watch female pop- Oh wait, I get it. Yeah…I could have thrown in something to make that story a little more masculine I guess. Oh well. Too late now.

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