Teen Choice Nominations: Finally Some Credit For The Jonas Brothers

Jun 17th, 2008 // 11 Comments

mileycyrusbackbeforeitwentallwrong.jpgTeenagers are the target of nearly all media these days, so shouldn’t the unveiling of the Teen Choice Award nominations be an event on the same level as the the big hullabaloo surrounding the Grammy nominations? Well, the fact that the Pussycat Dolls offshoot group Girlicious happens to be nominated in multiple categories kind of blows that idea out of the water. All the music-related nominations are below the cut.

Choice Music: Single
Chris Brown – With You
Jonas Brothers – When You Look Me In The Eyes
Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake – 4 Minutes
Miley Cyrus – See You Again
Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Music

Choice Music: Hook-Up
Flo Rida Featuring T-Pain – Low
Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown – No Air
Lil Mama featuring Chris Brown & T-Pain – Shawty Get Loose
Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake – 4 Minutes
Nelly featuring Fergie – Party People

Choice Music: Male Artist
Chris Brown
Jesse McCartney
Justin Timberlake
Kanye West

Choice Music: Female Artist
Britney Spears
Mariah Carey
Miley Cyrus

Choice Music: Rap Artist
Flo Rida
Kanye West
Lil Mama
Lil Wayne
Lupe Fiasco

Choice Music: R&B Artist
Chris Brown

Choice Music: Rock Group
Boys Like Girls
Fall Out Boy
Linkin Park
Simple Plan

Choice Music: Breakout Artist
Colbie Caillat
Flo Rida
Jordin Sparks
Leona Lewis
Taylor Swift

Choice Music: Breakout Group
Day 26
Jonas Brothers

Choice Music: Love Song
Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
Bubbly – Colbie Caillat
No Air – Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks
No One – Alica Keys
When You Look Me In The Eyes – Jonas Brothers

Choice Music: R&B Track
Damaged – Danity Kane
Forever – Chris Brown
Hey Baby (Jump Off) – Bow Wow and Omarion
Bye Bye – Mariah Carey
Take You There – Sean Kingston

Choice Music: Rap/Hip-Hop Track
Homecoming – Kanye West featuring Chris Martin
Party People – Nelly featuring Fergie
The Anthem – Pitbull featuring Lil Jon
Shawty Get Loose – Lil Mama featuring Chris Brown and T-Pain
Superstar – Lupe Fiasco featuring Matthew Santos

Choice Music: Rock Track
Nine in the Afternoon – Panic At The Disco
crushcrushcrush – Paramore
Shadow of the Day – Linkin Park
Stop and Stare – OneRepublic
The Great Escape – Boys Like Girls


  1. Rock You Like An Iracane

    It’s a toss-up for worst nomination between that god-awful OneRepublic song for anything and the Madonna song for Hook Up at an awards show for teens, considering she’s old enough to be their grandmothers…

    …but the Lil Mama song will probably win best hip-hop track and my lack of faith in humanity will be confirmed.

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s hope Paramore wins that Choice Music: Rock Track surfboard cause lord knows they are gonna get steamrolled by the Nick and the JB’s in Breakout Group category.

    The interesting category for me here is Rock Group: Does Fall Out Boy still have it? Linkin Park doesn’t really resonate with the teens do they, but i guess who else buys their records? Boys Like Girls are awful, but at least they aren’t awful and old like Simple Plan. Color me intrigued how this will turn out.

    Also, can Lil wheezy please win and show up at the awards, preferably with a guitar?

  3. Anonymous

    @Rock You Like An Iracane: Superstar is the best track nominated in that category for sure, but how can you hate on Lil Mama, at least when its not “lil mama, and avril lavigne!”

  4. Rock You Like An Iracane

    @drinkypuss: The Paramore song is the only one I would actively seek. The Linkin Park one, I’ve heard, but in the context of the album, and I’ve never cared enough to listen. The Panic one, meh; I’ll listen to the Beatles if I want to listen to the Beatles. The Great Escape, I liked for about a half-week, but hasn’t it been around since like the summer of ’06?

    Oh, and I’ve never heard the OneRepublic song in full because I’m worried my brain will melt or my fist will find a radio.

  5. Rock You Like An Iracane

    @drinkypuss: Yeah, that song had a more obnoxious bridge than the original.

    Verses were good, though; Mama can spit, but she’s been hamstrung because she’s been MTVized. Go listen to her killer A Millie freestyle; that’s what she needs to be doing.

    Also, full disclosure: I’m 18, I know two people my age in the U.S. (bizarrely, I met someone in Mexico who had it last summer) who purchased the Linkin Park album the first day it was out, and I received a burned copy I think I’ve listened to once.

    So, no, I don’t understand the appeal anymore.

  6. Maura Johnston

    @Rock You Like An Iracane: Word of advice: Don’t seek out the Blu Cantrell cover. It somehow makes “Apologize” worse!

  7. Anonymous

    @Rock You Like An Iracane: Crushcrushcrush is pretty decent, except for the annoying break before the chorus after every verse. if you like that song, you would like at least 4 other songs on the album.

  8. Anonymous

    @Rock You Like An Iracane: Mama over A Millie? hypem, here i come!

  9. Rock You Like An Iracane

    @drinkypuss: Oh, I have the album. A friend of mine (one of those types who’s usually off in her own orbit) called me on more than one occasion early last summer to tell me about Paramore, so I’ve been a fan for a while.

    @Maura Johnston: Hip-hop, which is what I’m most passionate about/familiar with is having a banner (not David) year, but the evidence of how barren the pop charts are right now is in Jesse McCartney and the dude from OneRepublic co-writing “Bleeding Love” and one of the worst Lil Wayne songs ever ruling Billboard for the past month or so.

  10. Rob Murphy

    @ Anyone:

    As is usual for me, I’m too lazy to surf over to the Teen Choice Awards site to check out what the eligibility criteria are for some of these categories, but I think “Single” and “Hook Up” are meant to be oh-so-clever cribs of young-person-speak to cutesily refer to “Solo” and “Collaboration”. Note that “feat” is nominated with every song in the “Hook Up” category.

    And yes, the imagery of Madonna “hooking up” with Timberlake — especially in light of the target audience here — is a little icky.

  11. Rob Murphy

    Also, some more categories that might be interesting to Idolator and its legion of fans, who will always buy Idolator-endorsed ringles:

    * * *

    Choice TV: Reality Music Competition
    American Idol
    Don’t Forget the Lyrics!
    Making the Band 4
    The Next Great American Band
    Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious

    Choice TV: Comedy
    Desperate Housewives
    Hannah Montana
    How I Met Your Mother
    Two and a Half Men
    Ugly Betty

    Choice TV: Looking For Love
    I Love New York
    Flavor of Love
    Rock of Love with Bret Michaels
    The Bachelor: London Calling
    The Bachelorette

    Choice TV: Personality
    Heidi Klum – Project Runway
    Lil Mama – America’s Best Dance Crew
    Ryan Seacrest – American Idol, E! News
    Simon Cowell – American Idol
    Tyra Banks – America’s Next Top Model

    Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star
    Brody Jenner – The Hills
    David Cook – American Idol
    Rob Dyrdek and Christopher Boykin – Rob & Big
    Ryan Sheckler – Life of Ryan
    The Jabbawockeez – America’s Best Dance Crew

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