The Verve Serve Up A Flashback Lunch

Jun 24th, 2008 // 6 Comments

verve.jpg Recently revived Brit band The Verve released its first new piece of post-reunion music, “Love Is Noise,” on its MySpace page yesterday; Richard Ashcroft’s voice sounds a bit craggier and more world-weary, which plays well off the backup singers who eerily resemble a troop of megaphone-carrying hobbits. Here’s the weird thing, though: You’d expect a reunited band’s new material to have a sense of nostalgia about it, and “Love Is Noise” does, in fact, have a ’90s alt-radio feel. But the music sounds more like dozens of other bands from that era who weren’t the Verve (think Sister Hazel et al), and it’s simultaneously driving me crazy by making me try to recall a lot of songs of that ilk and making me wonder just what, exactly, the combination of time off and apparent new influences on their forthcoming album (out in August!) will result in. [MySpace]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    Sister Hazel? Uh-oh.

  2. GhostOfDuane

    Call me when the Verve Pipe reunion goes down.

  3. Anonymous

    If only someone could engineer a song that sounded like the New Radicals, except noisy, boring, and charmless…

  4. SirLoin

    I heard this song on the radio yesterday and thought it was one of the most boring things I’ve ever heard. The well is dry, folks.

  5. cheesebubble

    Yikes. I don’t know that I’d whip out a lowly Sister Hazel comparison but I freely admit “Love Is Noise” wasn’t worth the wait. And yet I have good things to say about The Verve’s performance at Coachella this year.

  6. Dick Laurent is dead.

    Tell me when they go back to doing stuff like “Endless Life.”

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