Beck To Bystanders: “Psych!”

Beck-100x100.jpgARTIST: Beck
TITLE: “Orphans”/”Gamma Ray”
WEB DEBUT: June 24, 2008

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: The run-up to Beck’s Danger Mouse-produced Modern Guilt, which comes out next month, continues with a pair of songs that double as signals that the enigmatic singer is reaching back into the archives of pop psychedelia for his inspiration this time out. “Orphans” is sort of the get-up-and-go-ish brother to the sleepy, drony “Chemtrails”; its brisk backbeat, floating vocal harmonies, barely tapped xylophone and strummed guitar bits sound tailor-made for lazy Sundays and Elephant 6-themed Muxtapes. But “Gamma Ray” is pretty fantastic; it’s a chugging little number with a taut rhythm section, hazy backing vocals and guitars that were beamed in from that part of space the Ventures visited way back when.


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