George Clinton Gives Otherwise Unremarkable Drink “Tremendous Brand Recognition And Credibility”

Jul 15th, 2008 // 3 Comments

chasethecat.jpgBelow the cut, and presented with minimal editorial comment, excerpts from the press release “Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. Announces Licensing of Popular George Clinton Song, Atomic Dog.”

Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. is proud to announce that they have licensed for commercial use the widely popular hit song “Atomic Dog” by George Clinton. The iconic and classic hit song “Atomic Dog” transcends both cultural and demographic divides worldwide and is one of the most influential and recognized dance songs in the history of both Pop and Urban music.

CEO Robert Rosario states, “I am thankful to Bridgeport Music Inc. (BMI), Southfield Music Inc. (ASCAP), and George Clinton for allowing us to continue in the grand entertainment tradition of the P-FUNK through our Atomic Dogg energy drink.”

Mr. Rosario adds, “The song ‘Atomic Dog’ will be instrumental in spearheading our roll out Marketing and Advertising campaign for the brand. It will be an integral component in telling our Atomic Dogg story in our radio/internet, and television advertising campaigns. The song combined with our promotional material I believe is going to create excitement at retail along with instant brand awareness with our core demographic and the general market as well.”

“I am very excited about our Atomic Dogg marketing campaign,” added Calvin Ross, COO of HFBV. “Along with being a great song that bears the name of our drink, it will also give us tremendous brand recognition and credibility with our target market.”

Just so you know, the drink’s Web site features an opportunity to “CHECK OUT THE AD COMAPIGN [sic]” and “DOWNLOAD WALLPAPER (FEATURING THE ATOMIC DOGG GIRLS”. Worth checking out, especially for the (sadly non-embeddable) radio ad. I can’t even express how much I look forward to being a part of the “grand entertainment tradition of the P-FUNK” by pouring myself a glass of Atomic Dogg, fortified with a daily supply of Horny Goat Weed. My energy level for “chasing the cat” is at a bit of a low.

Atomic Dogg Energy Drink [homepage]
Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. Announces Licensing of Popular George Clinton Song, Atomic Dog [Marketwatch]


  1. BawstonSean

    What they don’t know is that Clinton is actually setting up the exact same deal with another bevaerage company right now and he’s going to screw EVERYBODY out of their royalties.

  2. The Illiterate

    Bow wow wow yippie-yo yippie-yay

  3. okiedoke

    OK. What’s the difference between “both cultural and demographic divides worldwide?”

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