Rick Springfield Hoping That Whoever Does Victoria’s Secret’s Licensing Has Fond Memories Of “Jessie’s Girl”

Jul 17th, 2008 // 3 Comments

And here I thought that being back on General Hospital would be a good thing for Rick Springfield (and his bank account), but apparently returning to his role as Dr. Noah Hunter isn’t enough. He wants to be the next Bob Dylan, but instead of trying to go that route by working on the poetry of his lyrics, he’s releasing “What’s Victoria’s Secret,” a “Jessie’s Girl” rewrite that’s clearly meant to be played while women in Swarovski-covered bras shimmy down the runway on the next “fashion show” sponsored by the lingerie chain. Don’t believe me about the rewrite thing? Play the above clip and the below clip simultaneously and marvel at Springfield’s utter chutzpah. Which in this age will probably work for him all the way to the bank.

Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl [YouTube]
Rick Springfield – What’s Victoria’s Secret [MySpace; HT Chris Molanphy]
Rick Springfield’s New Song “What’s Victoria’s Secret” Is An Embarrassing, Blatantly Naked Attempt At Nabbing A Corporate Endorsement [Buzzworthy]

  1. Thierry

    Forget about Victoria’s secret – what’s Rick’s? The guy has to be pushing 60, but looks about 29 in that clip!

  2. NewHillBilly

    Hey – that’s Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick!

  3. ObtuseIntolerant

    @Thierry: Wife beating, last I heard. Prick.

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