Akon Is Ready To Heal The World, One Radio Format At A Time

Jul 31st, 2008 // 6 Comments

michaeljakon.jpgAkon is konvinced that his collaboration with Michael Jackson, “Hold My Hand,” is going to put the King of Pop back in his throne, and maybe fix the planet’s woes as well. “”The concept is to bring all the people together as one person linking as one world. At the state of where the world is now, with all these wars and conflict all over the place, I think a record like that is needed. That’s the best time when a voice needs to be heard. I felt like, ‘What better voice between me and Mike to be able to say something like that at the time we in?’ Outside of trying to do a club record or a record we expect to get thousand of [spins], it was more so, ‘Let’s do a record that fits all formats but also has some meaning to it.’” I thought the thinking was, “Let’s give this song a message so people won’t be creeped out by Michael Jackson ca. 2008,” but whatever you say, dude. [MTV]


  1. Chris N.

    There’s no message from “Mike” that wouldn’t creep me out right now.

  2. joshservo

    @Chris N.: What if it was, “I’m going away and never coming back ever?”

  3. Nutzrpoppin

    What? Mike creepy? No way.


  4. Chris N.

    Still creepy. I think it would sound like he was trying to lull me into a false sense of security so he could later sneak back under cover of darkness and molest me.

  5. alec_baldwin

    Hold My Hand? Is that a kiddie song? How appalling.

  6. uptonking

    Not only would I not hold Mikey’s hand… I also wouldn’t pull his finger. Something might fall off. Or inflate.

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