Bon Jovi to Play Another Free Concert

bon_jovi_3.jpgTireless arena-rock outfit Bon Jovi is playing another free concert, this time in Philadelphia. It’s in honor of the ArenaBowl XXII win of the Jon Bon Jovi-owned Philadelphia Soul, which raises two questions for me. First: The Arena Football League has been around for 22 years? And second: Do you think people in Philadelphia are already griping about how if Jon really cared about the City Of Brotherly Love, his band would have played a free gig there before the one it pulled off in New York City last month? [Billboard]

  • Halfwit

    God, you know this city. You’re also forgetting, though, the obvious gripes that ArenaBowl isn’t a REAL championship.

  • Maura Johnston

    @Halfwit: Not to mention the gripes that the Eagles should obviously just hire whoever’s coaching the Soul because that guy is a proven winner.

  • Whigged

    Both true. But don’t forget, this is a city so starved for a championship that it was all set to give a parade to a horse a few years back.

  • DJorn

    @Whigged: I live in Philly. The Soul are, indeed, getting a parade, unless it already happened. It’s a sad and angry place. Mostly the latter when I wear a Mets jersey to CitBank BP.