Perry Farrell Surveys The New Bowery (While Wearing Arm Warmers)

Aug 25th, 2008 // 6 Comments


The latest pitchman for John Varvatos, the clothing designer whose tony, vinyl-filled shop replaced CBGB: Perry Farrell, who’s strategically posed in front of the “Joey Ramone Place” street sign. I suppose it’s a good thing that Varvatos didn’t let Farrell art direct the ad, though.

Perry Farrell is the latest headliner added to the John Varvatos “I Desperately Wish I Was A Rock Star” Ad Tour. [copyranter]


  1. Ned Raggett

    Gah. And I was just randomly thinking about Satellite Party again for no good reason, god help me.



  3. Anonymous

    Standard L.E.S. outcome: landowner makes it look like the property is going to be used to help the homeless, then it gets rented to a clothier who prices his wares as if they’re knitted from spun gold.

  4. Clevertrousers

    Those armwarmers sure would have been useful back in the day to cover up the needle tracks for Johnny Thunders, Richard Lloyd, Dee Dee etc. Too bad none of those cats could ever have afforded them.

    Also, why couldn’t Varvatos find an actual New Yorker to represent instead of that posturing L.A. nitwit?


  5. Ned Raggett

    @Clevertrousers: Hahah, Farrell *is* from New York, born and raised. He just went out to LA to find fame and fortune and all that.

  6. Clevertrousers

    @Ned Raggett: Meh. If he couldn’t make it here…

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