The Duke Spirit Peer Through The Rain

Sep 10th, 2008 // 5 Comments

After a lengthy period of thinking “I should really get to that album,” this morning I’ve finally sat down with Neptune by the British band The Duke Spirit, and the only reason I wouldn’t say it’s been worth the wait is because I’m kicking myself for not getting into it earlier than today. Above is the video for “This Ship Was Built To Last,” a loose-limbed track that I swore was a lost track from one of the Nuggets sets when I first heard it on that new-ish New York rock station a few weeks back. Frontwoman Liela Moss has a husky rasp that sounds like it resulted from some unholy cross-pollination of Dusty Springfield and Grace Slick, while the grungey sea-chanty vibe reminds me of the best parts of Melissa Auf der Maur’s (kind of underrated!) solo album. [YouTube / MySpace]

  1. Clevertrousers

    Me likely.. Moss kinda has that Nico thing going on, too… weird enunciations and everything…

  2. AbundantChoice

    I also really like the song “Neptune” from the disc as well. Make sure to check them out next time they tour, their live show is really good and Moss has frontwoman charisma to spare.

  3. allenglandclub

    Duke Spirit is a prime example of how much better a band can get just by touring touring touring. Saw them 3-4 years ago at SXSW and they were an awful bore. I have seen them 3x this year and they are 1000 times better. Moss as well as the rest of the band have totally blossomed. See them live. Do it.

  4. righteousmaelstrom

    These guys sound good. Will definitely need to check them out. Thanks!

  5. manyjars

    I think Neptune is one of the best albums of 2008 so far, and they truly are a great live band. Leila Moss has a fantastic voice, and the guitarists stir up a glorious din. The Duke Spirit will be back in the USA and Canada in October and November. Strange tourmates though — Scars on Broadway (ex System of a Down).

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