Sep 17th, 2008 // 3 Comments

The Spinto Band–the bouncy indiepop group that somehow manages to defy tired adjectives and produce trulyenjoyable music–will release a follow-up to its excellent 2005 debut Nice and Nicely Done on Oct. 7. In honor of the new album the band is holding another Roy Spinto Mask Contest, in which it encourages people to print out photos of the guitarist and transform them into masks. (Or felt, if the linked picture is any indication.) More on that–and the water balloon-themed video for their new single “Summer Grof” at the band’s official site. Sounds like their sound hasn’t grown too much, which is just fine by me. [Official site]

  1. PengIn

    I would say that “bouncy” is a pretty tired adjective.

  2. ObtuseIntolerant

    Delaware represent.

  3. Kate Richardson

    @PengIn: Precisely.

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