Christina Aguilera May Want To Work On Her “Applying Mascara While In Zero Gravity” Technique

Sep 22nd, 2008 // 4 Comments

Yes, yes, Christina Aguilera’s new sound is all about “the future,” probably in part because her attempt at harnessing the sounds of the past didn’t really move the sales needle so much. But did she have to take her eye-makeup cues from the Muppets episodes of her youth? I mean, there are companies that make vibrating mascara now. Surely they should be able to move on from the Miss Piggy eye-adornment ideal.


  1. Al Shipley

    That song at the VMAs really was some flailing desperate bullshit.

  2. Anonymous

    Why must she always look like a drag queen? Is she afraid if she doesn’t put on at least 12 pounds of makeup the gays won’t buy her album?

  3. snortin' orton

    you can put mascara on a pig etc…

    i won’t tolerate such sexism! i love xtina and i like the space helmet but i really want to see the long shot.

  4. CapnCalamity

    Is it me, or does that album cover give us an optometrist’s-eye-view of her contact fitting?

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