The Great Idolator Mix Project, Part I: In Which You, And You, And You, And You, And All Of Us Band Together To Craft A Series Of Segues

Sep 26th, 2008 // 26 Comments

In honor of the update on Muxtape’s shutdown, and the apparent belief that some people have about playlist functions being revolutionary as far as online music service design goes, I was thinking that maybe a thread on “great segues” would be a fun project for the weekend. And then I had a better idea: Let’s make this thread something of an exquisite-corpse mix-tape constructed by the comment section, where I start off with two songs that sound great together and you take it from there. (OK, this’ll probably result in something that requires the recording capacity of a CD-R, but “mixtape” sounds much more endearing than a bunch of letters mushed together.) My selections, after the jump!

I came up with this segue on a mix tape that I made to be played in the bakery where I worked during high school. (It had a pretty liberal policy as far as what we were allowed to listen to, and I abused that policy to great advantage. This would result in many people hearing Mark Arm immediately after they attended Mass at the church across the street, although I’d argue that isn’t all that bad of a thing.) Now it’s your turn!

blur – there’s no other way [YouTube]
White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ’65 [Dailymotion]
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  1. natepatrin

    Funkadelic, “Alice in My Fantasies”

  2. Lucas Jensen

    Stevie Wonder–”You Haven’t Done Nothin’” (it works in my head)

  3. DavidWatts

    Ramones, Rockaway Beach

  4. DavidWatts

    @Lucas Jensen: dude you totally screwed me on my transition.

  5. Audif Jackson Winters III

    El DeBarge, “Who’s Johnny?”

  6. teknohed

    The Cure – Jumpin Someone Else’s Train

  7. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    I smell a Rickroll coming on…

    /do people still do that?

  8. stottle

    Love and Rockets – Yin Yang and the Flowerpot Man

  9. exposition


    RFTC – Ditch Digger

  10. Anonymous

    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – “Don’t Come Around Here No More”

  11. narymary

    The Pretenders – “Talk of the Town”

  12. Rock You Like An Iracane

    Left turn at Young Jeezy ft. Kanye West – “Put On”

  13. Anonymous

    Let’s go for another left turn here:

    Yma Sumac – Molambo No. 1

  14. D.R. Mosby

    The Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea

  15. Anonymous

    Big Star-Thirteen

  16. Anonymous

    Do They Know It’s Christmas?

  17. NotPop

    OK, build it back up..

    Sonic Youth – Tunic

  18. loudersoft

    Smoothing it back out again

    Nuyorican Soul – I Am The Black Gold of the Sun (4hero Remix)

  19. loudersoft

    oops i think i blew it, i’ll pick up and fix later

  20. G3K

    @loudersoft: No way, I love that mix. It’s just that all Idolator threads die after twelve hours. 24 max.

    Next up:
    “On and On”, Still Going

    (or, if you prefer, the vocal version featuring, um, Kanye, from my latest mix)

  21. bcapirigi

    Through high school I used to always follow up six-minute slowish electronic numbers with something lively. Like

    “>Luv Song, by Jane Jensen, who at one time was apparently signed to unembeddable Interscope for some reason.

  22. bcapirigi

    @bcapirigi: Dammit.

    Luv Song, by Jane Jensen, is what I meant to say.

  23. doublewhiskycokenoice

    love goes on! by the go-betweens.

    and then ‘throwaway style’ by the exploding hearts.

    and then whatever you want, but those need to be heard.

  24. Nutzrpoppin

    The Monks “Please Please Love Me”

  25. Anonymous

    The Fall “Totally Wired”

  26. Clevertrousers

    Shooby Taylor: “Lift Every Voice And Sing”:

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