Idolator Presents: The Make Your Own Killers Cover Art Contest!

Maura and I noticed a certain… consistency in The Killers’ artwork for their recent single and forthcoming album. As you can see above, it looks they’re going for the “Stained Glass Effect in Photoshop on some random image” motif. So I challenged Maura to make one of her own, and, sure enough, in about ten minutes, she came back with this bad boy:

It’s easy and fun! Now, we’re gonna give you the Killers logo and challenge you to create your own using an image of your choice and the stained glass filter! It’s your chance to flex that creative muscle and use cliched Photoshop effects! Here’s the logo….get going:

What do you win? Besides the satisfaction of knowing it was a job well done? Yeah. We’re working on that.

Send entries to tipsATidolatorDOTcom. Or, hell, post them in the comments. Maybe Brandon Flowers will get in touch! Winners to be announced next Thursday!

  • mexiback

    I hate to be all geeky and designy, but that’s not the stained glass photoshop filter. If you see the “dots” they have like a honey-comb knda shape, and the ones in the album are actual circles. So… maybe it’s a specal flter they had to pay for, OR WHATEVER, I just realized I’m overanalyzng a Killers CD Cover.

    That don’t mean I’m not gonna enter the contest!

  • Lucas Jensen

    @mexiback: Well, we knew that actually, but we figured it be easier this way.

  • Lucas Jensen

    @Lucas Jensen: it WOULD be easier this way. Ugh.

  • doublewhiskycokenoice

    georges seurat is rolling in his grave!

  • NeverEnough

    My entry (no pun intended) would be an artistic rendering of Goastse.

  • Anonymous

    the artwork for the new Killers album are all paintings using gloss paint on aluminium. Each dot is painted with a brush. They are not mosaic’s or images created using a computer programme. To see more of the artists work check out his website