Def Leppard: Not Really Clear On The Concept Of “Hockey”

It’s a sad sign of the once-proud NHL’s booking power when the only band they can get for their opening-night festivities these days is Def Leppard, the still-kicking British outfit that’s much better known for being riotous fans of footy. More evidence that the Leps probably have no idea what a “Nordique” ever was came during said show, when lead singer Joe Elliott was triumphantly handed the Stanley Cup by two Red Wings… and promptly put it on a nearby table upside down. (Of course, he explained the screwup by saying, “We’re soccer boys, what do we know?”) Given the relative fame of Def Leppard at this point, wouldn’t an act like The Zambonis have been a better choice for such a season-defining event? Or, heck, any band from Canada? [YouTube via Sleaze Roxx]

  • PengIn

    I blame Versus for this. GODDAMN YOU, VERSUS!

  • thearcanemodel


    until i did some very confused googling, i thought you meant the BAND versus. which would have been incredibly weird on multiple levels.

    maybe they can bring in les savvy fav next time? i know that syd butler was doing some nhl blogging last year…no gaffes with the trophy and you know that harrington would come up with a wicked costume for the occasion.

  • Ned Raggett

    @thearcanemodel: until i did some very confused googling, i thought you meant the BAND versus.

    You weren’t alone.

    “Opening the new season — +/- !”

  • westartedthis

    when i saw this, i suggested Rush do the honors next time.

    that said, holy cow, am i glad it’s hockey season again.

  • Anonymous

    The cup has probably been pissed in, fucked on, etc. So upside down, no big deal.

  • Aaron Poehler

    Jackie Martling from the Stern show shat in the cup. This is definitely not as big a deal as that.

  • PengIn

    @thearcanemodel: That’s what’s wrong with Versus (the network). That, and way too much rodeo.

  • MrStarhead

    Our Lady Peace reunion show. ’nuff said.