Christina Aguilera Dresses Up As “Sexy Enid Coleslaw” For Halloween

Oct 28th, 2008 // 3 Comments

In the video for Christina Aguilera’s Goldfrappy “Keeps Gettin’ Better,” our heroine fashions herself as a techie (complete with bad posture and hoodie!) masterminding new versions of herself, including a white-jacketed, floral-dressed version who probably had the bit of her brain that remembers “Dirrrty” surgically excised. But a good chunk of the video is given over to Aguilera in cat mask and matching catsuit, and I’d say that she was just playing around with her Batman references except that she even took time out to mimick the “Enid in cat mask with gun and embarrassing the hell out of Seymour” bit from Ghost World. Maybe her next record will be inspired by Blueshammer? [YouTube]

  1. CapnCalamity

    Rarely does a video so accurately depict the energy and effort that went into the writing/production/recording of a song.

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