Your MTV Europe Awards Roundup (Minus Katy and Perez)

Nov 7th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Like most people trying to fill in the gaps left in their lives by the 2008 elections being done, I was interested in keeping up with yesterday’s MTV Europe Music Awards. However, the no-talent tag team of Katy Perry and Perez Hilton kept me from paying attention to the proceedings online. Instead, I just went through photos of the event looking for an alternate storyline to distract me from the more nauseating aspects of the show. Idolator readers, meet Best Adriatic Act award winner Elvir Lakovic, better known as Laka.

You may remember Laka from the Eurovision entry on behalf of Bosnia this year, “Pokušaj,” which finished in tenth place.

Laka has a long history in this music game, starting off with a few hits in his native country, including the smash “Piškila” (English translation: “You’ve Peed Yourself”, apparently).

After a unsuccessful attempt at crossing over to American audiences in New York City, Laka headed back to Bosnia, making his big comeback with his solo album Zec, and his Eurovision run. Now, nominated for a MTV EMA, Laka–and someone who might be either his sister or wife, I’m not entirely clear– decided to take it all in.

They walked the red carpet!

They performed (I think)!

They won an award!

If only the entire show could have been filled with delightful moments like these, with more artists emulating Laka’s song and hairstyles and clothing. Imagine how joyous it could have all been.

There were other winners, as well. The only other one I feel like mentioning specifically is Best Finnish Act Nightwish, mostly because Nightwish are awesome. I still haven’t gotten over the departure of Tarja Turunen, but one has to accept change sometimes.

Nightwish, “Amaranth”:

The complete list of winners below, according to Wikipedia which may or may not be correct, but does it make any difference? Rick Astley won a lifetime achievement award. I mean, come on.

* Album Of The Year : Britney Spears “Blackout”
* Headliner: Tokio Hotel
* Most Addictive Track: Pink “So What”
* Best Act Ever: Rick Astley
* New Act: Katy Perry
* Artists’ Choice: Lil Wayne
* Act of 2008: Britney Spears
* Ultimate Urban: Kanye West
* Ultimate Legend: Paul McCartney
* Rock Out: 30 Seconds to Mars
* Europe’s Favourite: Emre Aydın
* Video Star: 30 Seconds to Mars “Beautiful Lie”
* Regional Awards
* Best UK Act: Leona Lewis
* Best German Act: Fettes Brot
* Best Danish Act: Suspekt
* Best Finnish Act: Nightwish
* Best Norwegian Act: Erik & Kriss
* Best Swedish Act: Neverstore
* Best Italian Act: Finley
* Best Dutch & Belgian Act: De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig
* Best French Act: Zaho
* Best Polish Act: Feel
* Best Spanish Act: Amaral
* Best Russian Act: Dima Bilan
* Best Romanian & Moldovian Act: Morandi
* Best Portuguese Act: Buraka Som Sistema
* Best Adriatic Act: Elvir Laković
* Best Baltic Act: Happyendless
* Best Hungarian Act: Gonzo
* Best Turkish Act: Emre Aydın
* Best Ukrainian Act: Quest Pistols
* Best Greek Act: Stereo Mike
* Best Israeli Act: Shiri Maimon
* Best Arab Act: Karl Wolf

MTV Europe Music Awards [homepage]
[Photos: Getty Images]

  1. Anonymous

    Didn’t that 30 Seconds to Mars thing come out like three years ago? Is this a twice-a-decade event?

  2. How do I say this ... THROWDINI!

    Sister or wife? Wearing red and white? Jack White, get your attorneys on the line.

  3. Dan Gibson

    @tim_loves_cats: I like to think the award was for acts they wanted to “Rock Out” of the music biz, possibly forever.

  4. Richaod

    Nightwish would make the whole thing worth it.

  5. bcapirigi

    I didn’t know there was anything new from De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig. I thought Watskeboort?! was going to be it.

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