Kanye And Courtney Battle For Your Stylistic Soul Via Their Blogs

Dec 8th, 2008 // Comment

This weekend, Courtney Love posted a MySpace bulletin of her favorite things from December (guess what No. 1 was?). Broadcasting your style has become the model for blogger-musicians, as evidenced by the most prominent (if Twitter-averse) member of that club, Kanye West, and Courtney Love. But how would your tastes be different if you took Kanye or Courtney as your stylistic guru?

Courtney: MySpace.
Kanye: A well-designed, Flash-enhanced hosted site.

Courtney: Edie Sedgwick
Kanye: Someone named “Dollicia.”

Courtney: Steampunk (!!!).
Kanye: Holocubes.

Courtney: A new wave/girl group/VU female singer-songwriter.
Kanye: People he’s worked with.

Courtney: Milk.
Kanye: Kanye does not appear to watch movies, but he is excited about the Ghostbusters game.

Courtney: A purveyor of “whimsical costume accessories.”
Kanye: Art students.

Courtney: Etsy-hawked Jewlery that incorporates vintage elements.
Kanye: Casio watches.

Courtney: Japanese pop-punk gothic lolita Nana Kitade.
Kanye: Japanese pop-art guru Takashi Murakami.

What can we conclude from all this? If you follow Kanye, you’ll end up wearing a Casio and sitting on a well-designed chair while a girl named Dollicia tries to distract you from playing video games; if you follow Courtney, you’ll end up throwing a parasol at your best friend over an argument about gay rights you had on MySpace. In other words, Kanye will have you living the hipster dream, and Courtney will have you living like a teenage girl. Hers is more realistic, at least.

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