Men At Work Singer Very Serious When Asking, “Who Can It Be Now?”

Ron Strykert, one of the founding members of the saxtastic Australian band Men At Work, was arrested last Friday on a charge of making criminal threats… against Men At Work singer Colin Hay.

Strykert threatened to kill Hay in December 2007, according to the LA County district attorney’s office, and a bench warrant was issued after he skipped an arraignment on the charges last May. There’s been some bad blood between the two for a while; Strykert left the band in 1985, and his MySpace page reveals some long-standing animosity toward his former lead singer:

With Regards to a Men at Work reunion it will not happen and I have strong reasons for this..Colin Hay was part of a situation with CBS Sony Records NY NY and also along with our manager back then when Colin did a solo album Looking For Jack CBS gave him $ 400.000 to make it as they do to help you make a CD album. The record didnt sell much it wasn’t that good and so CBS wanted the $400.000 back or most of it, so they got that money back from the rest of the Men At Work royalties sales which they legally should not do but Colin and manager helped legally for this to happen or helped in some way back in ’84-’85. So then now legally its too old to go back and make a court case about it and costs alot. My share could have been say from $300.000 one sixth share or so $50,000. Maybe Colin would like to pay me back now just to be a good guy. Sadly at this time I have no respect for Colin Hay.


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