Billy Joel Has Fallen Out Of Touch With His Roots

Mar 3rd, 2009 // 3 Comments

“We just did the two nights at Shea last year,” the Piano Man told Newsday‘s Glenn Gamboa about his plans to hold off on playing the New York area with Elton John until 2010. “We thought the market might be a little tapped out.” Perhaps there’s some sarcasm underlying Joel’s comment that doesn’t translate to the printed word, because come on, dude—even in this economy, you could probably sell out a month at Nassau Coliseum and bookend those shows with stops at the two new ballparks. [Backstage Pass]

  1. Rob Murphy

    New Yawkas, don’t fret — you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see Messrs. Joel and John this spring and summer…and you won’t even have to travel very far — two dates in Philly and one in Foxboro:


    also, a date confirmed-in-principle just two weeks ago at the Nats’ stadium that somehow hasn’t made it on to the TicketsNow schedule:


  2. Rob Murphy

    @Rob Murphy: psst! you probably should’ve read the linked article before posting…

  3. Chris Molanphy

    The King and the Queen will come back to the green,
    But they can never go back there again…

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