Fall Out Boy’s Version of ‘Oregon Trail’

The Fall Out Boy-branded version of Oregon Trail has hit the Web, and thanks to me being just as bad as hunting as I was back in the days of Apple ][Es, I’ve already made the entire band die of starvation twice. Other features: A Guitar Hero styled-minigame based around 8-bit versions of the band’s songs, a shout-out to dying of dysentery, and little Easter eggs like the above message. [Friends Or Enemies]

  • Nicolars

    Oh great, another excuse for me to play Oregon Trail!

  • MayhemintheHood

    I’ve killed them 6 times since you posted this, and will kill them the rest of the day.

  • Cam/ron

    @Nicolars: And an excuse to sink the band’s wagon in the middle of the Missouri River.

  • Maura Johnston

    let the record show that my killing was not DELIBERATE. it was merely proof of my incompetence at punching keys.

  • galactus5000

    I accidentally killed them outside of New York, then intentionally killed them in Cincinnati.

    Fall Out Boy sucks. And yet…the game was fun.

    I just don’t know anymore.

  • Janelleyo

    Yeah I don’t know. I found a bazillion bugs that were really…..strange. I got pretty far, but they mysteriously kept dying without me noticing. I guess – of course – my favorite part was kicking Tate’s ass, but that’s just me :)

  • DocStrange


  • Lucas Jensen

    Haha. This is amazing. I was a deadshot, though, on the ][E and ][c. For some reason, I knew exactly when to shoot from the first time I did it. Made the game a lot easier.