Band That Wouldn’t Die To Tour With Band That Won’t Go Away

I’m probably not in the target demographic for this particular tour, but the announcement that Weezer would be opening for Blink-182’s reunion tour this summer conjured up an “oh, that’s still happening?” response from me. (Then I pondered which bodily function the tour’s name would pun around with.)

Blink-182 was getting a little more interesting immediately before they broke up—“I Miss You” wasn’t too bad—but putting these two bands on a bill together seems to ensure that every music-loving Abercrombie shopper within a 50-mile radius of a shed will have something to do the night that the tour blows into town.

If you’ve been wondering what songs Blink might pull out of the dustbin for the tour, Mark Hoppus posted a photo of words written on a piece of paper to his Twitter that might provide a few hints.

It’s been a long road for Weezer from when they headlined their first national tour, which had Lutefisk and Possum Dixon opening. Possum Dixon’s former lead singer Zabrecky is apparently making a living as a magician these days, but if Weezer ever wants that bill to have a reunion tour of its own, I might be willing to sit through Weezer playing “Pork and Beans” to see it. (Well, only if Rivers and pals agree to play “My Name Is Jonas,” too.)

Possum Dixon, “Watch That Girl Destroy Me”:

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