May 1st, 2009 // 3 Comments

Some festival-lineup additions: The Flaming Lips-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, set for September in upstate New York, has added Deerhoof, the Boredoms, and a set where No Age plays an entire Husker Du LP (with a “special guest” on lead vocals), as well as a few other acts. Meanwhile, the Pitchfork Music Festival has added a bunch of acts to the list of artists taking the stage in July, and it includes the awesome noise spectacle Ponytail, as well as the mysterious DOOM and hometown stalwarts Dianogah. Stuff to look forward to is nice, right?

  1. No Age doing Husker Du sounds super!

  2. as one who has been down with sleepy sun for a long time, i fully support the atp lineup. also real down with deerhunter, feelies and drones.

    can someone explain why autolux is so high on the bill?

  3. MhS

    Boredoms should be worth the price of a ticket

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