The New 50 Cent Song Is Not Terrible

May 19th, 2009 // 5 Comments

Although like the Black Eyed Peas song that leaked out yesterday, “OK, You’re Right” would be a lot more tolerable if it was just the cinematic, Dr. Dre-produced beat, and 50–who goes back and forth between being defensive and boastful while half-singing, half-rapping through a side-mouth delivery that isn’t unlike his pal Eminem’s newly acquired brogue–was inaudible for the most part. (Especially that line about people not shit-talking him on Facebook because he’s strapped. Yeesh.) Anyway, this is apparently a sign that Curtis’ long-delayed follow-up to his actual-self-titled album, Before I Self-Destruct, is coming out sometime before the end of 2009, so get “excited”! [YouTube / Rap Radar]


  1. Will the orchestra strike ever go out of vogue? I sure hope not.

  2. Better than the Black Eyed Peas song? Sure. Better than “I Get It In”? Of course. But most things are better than those songs. Just lower the bar enough and you’ll get over.

  3. “I Get It In” is awesome. For all of 50′s stupid beef fueled marketing ploys, bad acting and whatnot, dude has got hooks for days. He can sing-rap his mumbled bragadacio forever. In fact, when he actually turns 50, he’ll be one of the few rappers with songs to play Las Vegas with.

  4. “I get it in” isn’t really awesome at all. Neither is this song. The beat is just ok I think. Some of eminem’s new tracks have far superior dre beats (though with probably even more annoying rapping)

  5. This song is decent, but if you don’t like 50 cent then you probably won’t like it.

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