Miley Cyrus: Not Dead

Jun 29th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Dear Internet: I know a lot of famous people have been dying these past few days, but you really need to stop trying to kill celebrities via stories on the so obviously fakety fake I can’t even begin to express it site First it was Jeff Goldblum, then it was Harrison Ford; now (well, as of last night) it’s Disney-bred tween sensation Miley Cyrus. All of these people are alive and well.

One would think that the confusion over whether she passed away in a Titanic-like yacht attack or a plane crash in Denver would make people realize that hey, this whole thing might be a hoax, but perhaps I’m expecting too much from the info-sucking masses these days. Anyway, Miley was fine as of eight hours ago, when she was asking her older half-sister Brandi to come visit her in Savannah, Ga., where she’s currently filming a movie. See? Alive! Although given that this is something like the fifth or sixth time the Internet has tried to strike her down over the past year, I’d think her resolve is waning a bit.

Oh, also? Britney Spears isn’t dead either. Although at least that bit of net-spawned cluelessness came via a semi-believable hack of the pop star’s Twitter account, and not people blindly pinging a poorly written, obviously fake link around the Net.

Britney Spears Not Dead [Mashable]


  1. Some guy came on to the music forum I use and posted one of these. It was the plane crash one and the celebrity was Dave Gahan. He was banned for that post because we know these are bullshit.

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