Beyoncé’s Subconscious Loves Her Big Ego

Jul 9th, 2009 // 1 Comment

The video for Beyoncé’s sultry “Sweet Dreams” is (surprise!) framed as an adventure through the pop singer’s sleep cycle. You may not be surprised that it looks a lot like one of her videos from the Sasha Fierce side of the double album she released last year, with two dancers tailing most of her steps and a few hall-of-mirrors shots in which she’s surrounded by an army of herselves. But B shows that her dreams are just like the rest of ours at the very end, when she sports the getup at left—after all, who among us hasn’t thought about what we would look like in a Sexy C-3PO costume? Clip after the jump.

“Dreams” was one of the few songs that stood out from I Am… Sasha Fierce to these ears; sure, it isn’t as wham-you-in-the-face as “Single Ladies,” but it does have a nice groove bubbling underneath it.

Beyonce – Sweet Dreams [YouTube]
[Pic via MTV]


  1. The song is very rihanna to me. basically like most of the album, it sounds like beyonce got the idea from someone else. Can’t view the video anymore.

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