What’s More Ridiculous: The Title Of Pitbull’s Forthcoming Album, Or Its Cover?

Jul 24th, 2009 // 9 Comments

I’m going to go with the title for two reasons; one, the painted-lady-next-to-dapper-dude motif, while having more than a whiff of sexism, is clearly Pitbull’s homage to James Bond; and two, the word “rebelution,” which was probably thought of as a genius pun when it was initally thrown out in the idea room, is actually not all that original of a coinage, what with there being 317,000 other Google results for it. There’s even one for a band! Can you say “package tour”?

[HT: Reed Fischer]


  1. It looks like rejected ad for an also-ran energy drink.

  2. The worst part is, I like Pitbull, so this will wind up in my house, or at least on my hard drive.

  3. I would buy this album based on the cover alone. Anything with that hilariously awful a cover is bound to be either brilliant, or equally hilariously awful.

  4. Pitbull is “my dog” haha, see what I did?

    Seriously, in my eyes he will always be the guy who brought to the world “Ay Chico”, so everything is forgiven.

  5. I think my favorite part is how the title makes him out to be some sort of, uh, rebelutionary, but he looks mad bourgie.

  6. The most interesting man in the world…

  7. The image in this article is for printing (CMYK 300 dpi). Consequently, it doesn’t show up in chrome.

  8. @sicksteanein: try it now? and thanks for the tip! i had no idea, as a mac user.

  9. @Maura: Yup, that fixed it. Thanks!

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