The “Say Something Nice” Challenge: Mimi Mimes “Obsessed” On “America’s Got Talent”

Was there anything good about Mariah Carey’s performance of “Obsessed” on last night’s America’s Got Talent? Her lip-syncing was lackadaiscal; the backing vocals were somehow off-key; the backup dancers’ moves would have probably received a big red “X” from at least one of the judges. Hubby Nick Cannon awkwardly tried to bring up the whole Eminem feud right after the performance ended, claiming that the song was actually about him before segueing into a super-awkward interview where he had to be corrected by his wife about just who really had the record for the most No. 1 singles on the Hot 100. (Although she refused to utter the words “The” and “Beatles.”) Even her outfit looked like it had been pulled from the Max Rave clearance rack—although I guess I give her points for being able to toddle around on those ridiculously high heels without falling. But that’s really it. See if you can find something to compliment after the jump.

Let it be known that this is what happens when you try to turn private affairs into pop-cultural events. Oh, honey.Mariah Carey – Obsessed [YouTube]