R. Kelly And Keri Hilson Make Love On The Radio

The push for R. Kelly’s forthcoming Untitled has begun in earnest, with the Pied Piper of R & B inviting bloggers over to his memorabilia-crammed house for the purpose of sampling his record and announcing tour dates. There’s also a video for the Kells/Keri Hilson collaboration “Number One,” in which really good sex is compared to topping the charts; the clip embraces the romantic side of radio, with both singers cooing the words to the track while in moodily lit studios located approximately 710 miles apart from one another. Clip after the jump.

R. Kelly – Number One (feat. Keri Hilson) [Yahoo! Music]
Exclusive: Dinner at R. Kelly’s house [Miss Info]

  • http://cassidy2099.tumblr.com cassidy2099

    And, he’s back.

  • http://www.desperationandnoise.com BradNelson

    sex so good, go pat yourself on the back

  • Marianne

    thought that I already esibaltshed that I don’t particularly care what you or anyone else thinks, especially since you’re extremely simple-minded and ignorant. I think it’s ridiculous that the same themes, clothing, and storylines pop up in every video and song, and yet people do not understand that art is independent self-expression. When the same things repeat themselves, it is called propaganda. Propaganda is mind control.@DIVAINVAMy comment to Kyla applies to you as well. I’m dealing with knowledge, not opinion. If I’m reaching , then tell me what the video is about? We both know that you cannot, nor are you informed enough to know if I’m reaching . I research this subject and many others, so I speak from knowledge. Every top mainstream artist today has subjected themselves or forcefully been subjected from childhood to demonic possession and satanic ritual abuse. 99% of black people are either uninformed, misinformed, or act as if they are informed .particularly many black women, who seem to unerringly believe that their weak opinions are valid against facts.@CONTIGO AMIGOThank you for addressing me with a knowledgeable comment instead of nonsense. There are many MK-ULTRA themes in this video such as mirror programming, jewel programming with the use of the diamonds, color programming with the excessive use of pink and the lady in red (sex goddess) theme, all-black clothing Saturn worship, etc. The use of the diamond in these videos by women like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Trina, etc. is to show that they have risen to the highest ranks in the mind control program. The diamond is associated astrologically with the planet Venus, which represents the so-called great goddess, Venus, the Diva . My original comment was simply pertaining to the title of the song. There are many layers and sub-layers to the videos done by the few artists that are allowed to retain their stardom, because their stardom is directly related to their role as pawns to perpetuate the agenda of the elite.