Christina Aguilera To Make Other People Make It Work

Aug 20th, 2009 // Comment

After many delays and a switch of networks, production companies, and sponsoring magaiznes, the new season of Project Runway begins tonight. Yay! This is a music-related item of note because apparently Christina Aguilera is going to be a guest judge either tonight or somewhere down the line (the TV Guide item on the matter is sorta vague).

The contestants will have to design a stage costume for the very petite singer, and Hollywood master of the overblown Bob Mackie is somehow involved, so you know that “tackiness on the level of the chaps in ‘Dirrty’ ” will be a judging criterion. (Also, I’m curious as far as when the concert she wore or will be wearing this outfit takes place. Was this season filmed so long ago that the ProjRun hopefuls actually had to give her an outfit for her VMA performance from last year? Eek!)

Christina Aguilera’s Project Runway Debut [TV Guide]
[Photo via Getty]

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